ADDED ON: 08/30/2018

In Northern Colombia, LGBT Rights Meet Indigenous Prejudice

08/28/2018 | WorldCrunch

Prejudice “is an everyday thing,” says Tania Duarte, a gay community leader in Cartagena, the historic port and resort on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Her gait is firm and determined, as she steps on the hot pavement in Barranquilla, a nearby city where we spoke. She takes short steps as if preparing to march in protest, and live. It is Gay Pride day here, and she ditched her fears a long while back. This transgender woman studied philosophy at the University of Cartagena. She’s no victim, and is clear on things. She understands that belonging to the LGBT (gay, lesbian and transsexual) community in Cartagena where she was born 25 years ago, is “all screwed up… though my family doesn’t understand much about all this, when they see news and find out they discriminated against or killed someone from the community, they worry because they know perfectly well it could have been me.” In 2017, 109 members of the LGBT community were murdered.


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