ADDED ON: 01/10/2021

In Four Years, Trump Has Ushered In Federal Judicial Climate Unprecedented In Its Hostility

1/5/21 | Lambda Legal

In just four years, President Trump has ushered in a judicial landscape that is significantly more hostile toward LGBTQ+ people, with nearly 40% of Trump’s confirmed federal appellate judges having demonstrated anti-LGBTQ+ bias according to a new report released today by Lambda Legal. The new report — the culmination of a painstaking, four-year effort by Lambda Legal to meticulously track and monitor Trump’s judicial appointments and their impact on restructuring and reshaping the federal judiciary — provides for the first time a clear and complete snapshot of the outsized impact Trump has had on reshaping the courts. The report finds that in four years Trump has not only confirmed judges with alarming speed (faster than any other president in recent history), but has ultimately “whitewashed” the federal courts system by packing the bench with predominantly white male judges.


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