ADDED ON: 11/23/2022

In First, Israel Issues Guidelines to Schools for Dealing With LGBTQ Students

11/22/2022 | Haaretz

For the first time, Israel’s Education Ministry has issued guidelines to schools regarding LGBTQ students and families. The document, released on Tuesday, requires schools to train teachers on the subject, to clarify with students which pronouns they use and to formulate rules to forbid discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation. Work on the guidelines began during Naftali Bennett’s tenure as education minister in 2019, but was repeatedly delayed because of what ministry officials termed as technical issues. In March, ministry officials told a Knesset panel that the document would be issued at the start of the current school year, but its release was again pushed off, this time due to the election. The bureau of Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton recently began to pick up the pace on the project, as they fear that it would be further delayed – or even shelved – under a different education minister.


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