ADDED ON: 03/11/2020

In Face of Threats, Lawyer Defends Gays in Cameroon

03/10/2020 | VOA News

In a country where homosexuality is criminalized, Alice Nkom was the first lawyer in Cameroon to defend suspected gay people. For this, she says she has faced attacks and death threats. Despite this, Nkom, who is also the first female lawyer in the country, says she is determined to continue to defend minorities. Yannick, a house painter, says he has been arrested three times on suspicion of homosexuality. The young man says during his first arrest, he had trouble finding a lawyer who would agree to defend him. Yannick says after being arrested, he did everything to be in contact with a lawyer. Unfortunately this lawyer, a fervent believer as he said, refused. The lawyer argues that it’s an abomination for Yannick to be who he is and he cannot stand up for such a cause. Yannick adds he had to fall back on associations.


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