ADDED ON: 06/07/2020

History-making queer activist Caleb Orozco gives a rousing reminder that ‘giving up is not an option’

06/06/2020 | Pink News

In 2016, after a long fight from LGBT+ activists, gay sex was finally made legal in the Central American country of Belize. That change would never have happened without the tireless campaigning of Caleb Orozco. As executive director of the United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM), Orozco filed a case with the country’s Supreme Court in 2010 arguing that the country’s anti-sodomy law was unconstitutional. And so, six years later, the ban was overturned by the court – but the fight for LGBT+ rights and equality is far from over. Orozco reflected on the struggle for LGBT+ rights in Belize during a panel discussion for PinkNews’ Pride for All, a four-day long digital extravaganza, which runs until June 7.


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