ADDED ON: 05/21/2018

Immigration Contradicting Itself, Breaking UN Guidelines In Trans Refugee Case

05/21/2018 | The Reykjavic Grapevine

The Directorate of Immigration (UTL) is contradicting its own policies, and appears to be breaking United Nations guidelines, when it comes to the recent case of a trans refugee in Iceland that they deliberately misgendered, thereby de-recognised as a man. The refugee in question will be meeting with a human rights lawyer, and a trans rights activist Grapevine spoke with points out that UTL has all the power to gender refugees correctly, and has done so in the past. As reported, Prodhi Manisha was granted asylum in Iceland in large part because he is a trans man, for which he would have faced concerted persecution in his country of citizenship. This is outlined extensively in UTL’s own case work on Prodhi, which Grapevine has reviewed, and he was previously issued an asylum seeker ID that gendered him correctly. However, upon picking up his refugee ID last week, he discovered that he had been registered in the system – by UTL – as female.


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