ADDED ON: 02/24/2021

‘I’m still here’: Transgender troops begin new era of open military service

02/23/2021 | ABC News

As the U.S. military adapts to evolving and increasingly complex global threats, highly-trained cyber warriors like Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Brock Stone are at the tip of the spear. “All the adversaries you hear about in the news are always out to get us. Not all those people speak English,” Stone said, “and that’s where I come in.” Stone, a cryptological technician who speaks three languages, has been analyzing electronic threats and deciphering foreign intelligence in the Navy for 15 years. But in 2017 President Donald Trump suddenly wanted him gone, simply because he’s transgender. “I went to Afghanistan. I did all these things. I mean, what does that tell me? That tells me I’m not welcome,” Stone told ABC News Live in an interview. “That tells me that I am not respected as mysel


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