ADDED ON: 12/06/2022

I’m a gay football fan and I felt so unsafe going to the World Cup I flew straight out of Qatar after every England game

12/5/2022 | My London

Heading to the World Cup is a once in a lifetime opportunity for some football fans. Securing tickets is an expensive process, while finding accommodation can be difficult, and travel taxing. For many, these considerations are a small price to pay to enjoy the tournament, however, there are football fans where questions about their safety are also a major concern. The Qatar World Cup has highlighted this issue like no other competition before it putting discussions around gay rights and football at the heart of the global conversation. It is this maelstrom that England super fan Alex Baker, a gay man, who is Chairman of Stonewall FC, President of the International Gay and Lesbian Football Association, entered when he decided to support The Three Lions abroad at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The Londoner has spent the last five years attempting to use football to help promote LGBTQ+ rights and build safe communities for gay, queer and trans people within the game.


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