ADDED ON: 05/16/2019

If London needs a separate Trans Pride, what does that say about LGBT solidarity?

05/15/2019 | The Guardian

Pride in London is the one day of the year that the city feels like it belongs to LGBTQ+ people – which was why I was so confused, embarrassed and alarmed when a small group of lesbians disrupted last year’s event with a protest against the inclusion of trans people. Their banners read “transactivism erases lesbians”. Pride in London quickly condemned the protests, but as a lesbian and a feminist, I worried that people would think these protesters represented me. More than that, I worried about how it all left trans people feeling. Perhaps, a year later, we have a clear answer. Plans for the first London Trans Pride have been announced. Due to take place on 14 September, the event will celebrate and centre trans and gender nonconforming people.


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