ADDED ON: 10/15/2021

I have not taken money to fight LGBT Bill; I’m not a pimp – Akoto Ampaw

10/15/2021 | Modern Ghana

Lawyer Akoto Ampaw, the leader of the group of lawyers and professors opposing the anti-gay Bill in Parliament has rubbished allegations that he is championing the course for monetary gains. The veteran lawyer is leading a group of 18 made up of educationists and lawyers who have human rights at heart. In the last few weeks, the group has been fighting the anti-gay bill titled: “Promotion of Proper Sexual Rights and Ghana Family Values” through interviews after presenting a memorandum to parliament. For Ningo Prampram MP Sam George, Akoto Ampaw and his colleagues are only fighting the Bill because of financial reasons. “They claim they are doing this on the basis of principles, I say it’s a financial monetary principle because if you have principles, your principles will show constantly in your activism. I have given instances over the past ten months when they’ve not spoken, they’ve been silent. “Today, because there’s LGBT money to be paid, they’ve found their voices,” Sam George told Starr FM in an interview. Reacting to the accusation, Lawyer Akoto Ampaw has said it is ridiculous for anyone to make such an allegation.


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