ADDED ON: 07/02/2022

I can’t take my family to Texas,’ or another red state: Military parents fight to protect their transgender kids

7/1/22 | USA Today

Over the past 19 years, Alleria Stanley’s family has grown accustomed to packing up and moving wherever the Army tells them to go, measuring time by all the different states and countries they’ve lived in. “We tell time in our family by location instead of year, so our events are marked by where we were not when we were,” Stanley told USA TODAY. Frequent moves have been a requirement of service they’ve been willing to fulfill, until now, Stanley said. With so many states “rushing” to pass anti-LGBTQ legislation, Stanley and her two transgender kids are worried about where they could be told to move next. To protect her family, Stanley has decided to avoid hostile states by leaving the Army. “We’re going to move out of Missouri as soon as we get the opportunity to get the hell out of this godforsaken state,” said Stanley, a staff sergeant who is retiring from the Army next year in order to make the move happen. Some parents either in the military or married to service members told USA TODAY they are increasingly worried about what being assigned to duty stations in Republican-led states could mean for their transgender children. Some families already in red states are taking steps to leave, including splitting up if a parent can’t leave their duty station. “We’re used to that if you get assigned to Korea,” Stanley said. “But not if you get assigned to Texas, or Florida, Alabama, Missouri or Ohio, Idaho.”


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