ADDED ON: 10/05/2020

Hungary PM urges gays to ‘leave our children alone’

10/04/2020 | ABS-CBN

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Sunday that homosexuals should “leave our children alone” when asked about a children’s book containing gay characters that was publicly shredded by a far-right politician. “Hungary has laws pertaining to homosexuality, the basis of which is an exceptionally tolerant and patient approach,” Orban said during a regular interview on public radio. “But there is a red line that you cannot cross,” Orban said, referring to the book as a “provocative act”. “To sum up my opinion on this: leave our children alone,” he said. The remarks were prompted by a row over a children’s story book published by an LGBT association entitled “Storyworld is for everyone” that included gay characters. A collection of stories based on well-known tales, the book’s main characters are drawn from marginalized and disadvantaged minorities, including the LGBT community.


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