ADDED ON: 12/15/2020

Hungary: Homophobic adoption bill is part of an ongoing attack on LGBTQ community

12/14/2020 | Amnesty International

Ahead of the vote on Tuesday in the Hungarian parliament on amendments that will strip non-married couples of the right to adoption and further restrict the rights of LGBTQ people, David Vig, Director of Amnesty Hungary, said: “This attempt to rush through these discriminatory, homophobic and transphobic new laws are part of an ongoing attack on LGBTQ people by Hungarian authorities”. “The government is planning to adopt legislative changes that would further restrict LGBTQ rights just as they did in May when they rushed through a bill that banned legal gender recognition for transgender people. With the proposed 9th amendment to the Constitution, they would further stigmatize the transgender people in Hungary. “Hungary’s MPs must reject these draconian provisions and Hungary’s people must come together to show that the power of love is stronger than the love of power. The time has come to show we will not allow hatred and exclusion from the government to strip away our rights.”


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