ADDED ON: 12/02/2021

Hungary approves national referendum on Russia-style ‘gay propaganda’ law

12/1/2021 | Xtra Magazine

Hungary will head to the polls to vote on LGBTQ+ rights in 2022 after its parliament approved a nationwide referendum on its controversial “gay propaganda” law. On Tuesday, Hungary’s National Assembly voted unanimously to poll voters on four questions related to the law, which was passed in June. Although the exact wording of the questions has not been made publicly available, the government will reportedly ask citizens whether “sexual orientation workshops” should be held in schools “without parents’ consent” and if they “believe gender reassignment procedures should be promoted among children,” according to Reuters. A third question pertains to a provision of the law banning shows that depict queer and trans lives, such as Modern Family, from being shown during primetime. Those guidelines led Hungary’s media regulators to unveil new rules in September restricting films that feature LGBTQ+ issues as a “defining feature” to viewers over 18. LGBTQ+-inclusive films will now bear the same rating as violent horror films like Saw.


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