ADDED ON: 09/12/2018

Hundreds Sign Controversial Petition to Ban Inverness Gay Pride March Branding it ‘shameful and deeply offensive’

09/11/2018 | Scottish Sun

HUNDREDS of people have signed a petition to stop a parade celebrating gay culture in Inverness, describing it as ‘unsavoury and deeply offensive’. The controversial petition has gathered over 700 signatures to ban Proud Ness, a LGBT parade which is due to take place on October 6. The council is now considering cancelling the event following the backlash, with the petition currently under review. Organizers of the event are applying for permission to hold a march along High Street to Eden Court Theatre in Inverness but have been met with a resistance. Mission Worker for the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) Donald J Morrison created the paper petition in a bid to halt the event.


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