ADDED ON: 02/15/2020

Hundreds of Slovaks urge gov’t at prayer rally to not ratify pro-gay ‘marriage’ European agreement

02/14/2020 | LifeSite

Hundreds of Slovaks gathered outside the presidential palace on Tuesday to oppose LBGT ideology through public prayer. The Slovenský dohovor za rodinu (SDZR, or “Slovakian Convention for the Family”) organized a public recitation of the Holy Rosary in Bratislava’s Freedom Square on February 11. Afterward, the crowd marched to Hodžovo Square, where the presidential palace is located. According to participant Matúš Belák, the three-hour event was attended by between 500 and 700 people from all over Slovakia. “Some of us were students, and others were older people,” he told LifeSiteNews. “People came from throughout Slovakia, but because (the rally) was on a workday during work hours, not as many people came as might have.”


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