ADDED ON: 01/20/2020

Human Rights in the South Caucasus: 2019 victories and losses

01/20/2020 | JAM News

The Human Rights Watch report states that Azerbaijani authorities continue to exact tight control over the political system and persecute critics. There was at least one known police operation where they detained 14 people of non-traditional sexual and gender orientations. Five were subsequently released, the fate of the remaining nine has not been reported. The authors of the report claim that after the change of power in 2018, Armenia has been implementing a successful reform program, in particular in the fight against corruption. However, significant problems persist in areas such as people with non-traditional sexual and gender orientations still do not feel like equal members of the population. They are subject to insults and attacks. The most egregious case occurred in a parliamentary hearing, when LGBT activists were forced to endure bullying and insults.


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