ADDED ON: 01/11/2019

Human Rights Commission warns Depok’s policies produce potential for anti-LGBT discrimination

01/09/2019 | Coconuts

State-sanctioned discrimination in Indonesia against the LGBT community and individuals saw a sharp increase towards the end of last year as officials in a number of cities and regions — particularly parts of highly conservative regions in West Sumatra and West Java — publicly denounced the protected minority group, led anti-LGBT activism parades and passed various decrees and regulations targeted at rooting out “deviant sexual behavior”. The city of Depok, one of Jakarta’s satellite cities, is among those in which top officials are pushing an anti-LGBT agenda. Last year, Depok Mayor Mohammad Idris issued a circular on “Strengthening Family Resilience Against Sexual Deviant Behavior”, which instructs official agencies to investigate LGBT activities. The mayor also asked the general public on Monday to report LGBT behavior due to concerns about “violence against children and an increase in HIV / AIDS sufferers”.


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