ADDED ON: 07/11/2019

Indonesia’s prison chief says LGBT inmates will be put in isolation rooms to prevent ‘transmission of sexual disorientation’

07/11/2019 | Coconuts

Horrible overcrowding has long been a serious issue in Indonesia’s prison, but one that rarely merits much attention from average Indonesians or the local media. But the issue has been much in the media spotlight this week — for entirely wrong-headed, homophobic reasons — after an official from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (KemenkumHAM), which oversees the country’s prison system, said that overcrowded cells had led to inmates in the province of West Java becoming “homosexuals and lesbians”. Given how highly stigmatized LGBT individuals have become recently in religiously conservative Indonesia, this news shocked citizens throughout the country (none of who, we’d guess, have ever watched Oz or Orange Is The New Black) and has led to KemenkumHAM promising to take action by “isolating” inmates that have engaged in homosexual acts.


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