ADDED ON: 01/25/2019

HRC co-sponsors Albania workplace workshop

01/23/2019 | Washington Blade

The Human Rights Campaign is co-sponsoring a workshop in Albania next week that will focus on ways to encourage the country’s businesses to support LGBTI rights. The workshop is scheduled to take place in Tirana, the Albanian capital, from Jan. 27-29. Advocates from Albania, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco and Nigeria are expected to attend. Open Minds Spectrum Albania (OMSA), an Albanian LGBTI advocacy group, is hosting the workshop. OMSA Executive Director Arber Kodra told the Washington Blade last week during a WhatsApp interview from Tirana the workshop seeks “to open this broader dialogue” on LGBTI rights in Albania. “The workshop has a big importance for me in my country,” said Kodra. “This workshop itself has its own theory of change, which is built around the long-term impact that it aims to achieve.”


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