ADDED ON: 07/16/2018

How Trinidad and Tobago Played a Key Role in India’s Ongoing LGBT Hearing

07/15/2018 | Economic Times

In the end, it happened amazingly fast. After the 18 years it has taken so far to fight the Section 377 case, for decriminalization of consensual same-sex relations, the lawyers and activists involved had thought that the hearings before the constitutional bench of the Supreme Court would take a few weeks. It was almost entirely done in three days, with a final 90-minute session allocated for Tuesday. Earlier this year a court in Trinidad & Tobago cited a previous Indian Supreme Court privacy ruling in decriminalizing homosexual conduct. As Arvind Datar, one of the senior counsels, noted, earlier this year in a case in that country brought by LGBT activist Jason Jones, Justice Devindra Rampersad had struck down laws criminalizing consensual same-sex relations, in a decision that cited India’s privacy ruling. And if another country can use our own laws for this purpose, how can we, at the least, not do the same?


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