ADDED ON: 10/11/2019

How This Brazilian Drag Queen Is Taking the Pop World By Storm—And Fighting for LGBTQ Rights Along the Way

10/10/2019 | Time

If Pabllo Vittar is making headlines, they might be about her smash hit songs, her astonishing fashion week outfits, her disruptive political statements, or some combination of the three. Over the last four years, the 24-year-old Brazilian drag queen and pop star has established herself as someone to watch on many fronts, seamlessly integrating the personal with the cultural and political and using her platform as a musical star to demand equality for LGBT communities in Brazil and beyond. In a music ecosystem made global by streaming, Vittar, who identifies as gay and genderfluid, has emerged as one of South America’s most popular exports: she has garnered half a billion Spotify streams and a billion YouTube views for her earworms that gild Brazilian rhythms with an American pop sheen.


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