ADDED ON: 10/08/2020

How the LGBT community rallied against a ‘homophobic’ Tunisian influencer

10/07/2020 | The New Arab

During a 23-minute monologue on Instagram, the Tunisian beauty influencer Lady Samara veered off-piste when she said: “I do not respect homosexuality. A homosexual person is an individual who has stripped himself of all morals and values… gay people are trying to brainwash our children to become gay. “Several times she said that she does not like homosexuals and that it disgusts her, but this time she is encouraging people on purpose to attack and intimidate the LGBTQIA+ community,” queer activist Ramy Ayari told The New Arab from his home in Canada. Ramy left Tunisia in 2016 because of his activism, so he says he wants to take advantage of this “privilege” in order to support LGBT+ rights in Tunisia by mobilising the international community. “I never hesitate to do my duty, and support my community,” he said, no matter at what cost. Ayari became the face of queer Instagram resistance against Lady Samara, and one of her primary targets.


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