ADDED ON: 11/16/2020

How teens made Yukon one of the only places in Canada to ban conversion therapy

11/15/2020 | CBC

Aiden Falkenberg was in Grade 11 when they found out conversion therapy was still legal in Canada. They were with a friend, Mercedes Bacon-Traplin, when the two decided to google what year it was banned in Canada. “We kind of went into shock a little bit.” “It had only been protected against in a couple of cities, a couple provinces, and the Yukon wasn’t one of them. Which really broke our hearts.” The pair went straight down to the Gender Sexuality Alliance at F.H. Collins Secondary School, and started to get to work. They researched the topic, spoke with the media, and reached out to local politicians. They met with another high school in town, Porter Creek Secondary, and joined forces. The students wrote up a petition which highlighted how widely denounced the practice is — by organizations including the Canadian Psychological Association, the World Health Organization, and others.


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