ADDED ON: 03/22/2022

How Strands for Trans built a movement for transgender-friendly barbershops.

03/21/2022 | NBC News

Strands for Trans, a campaign that maps transgender-friendly barbershops and salons, launched five years ago as stories of trans people facing discrimination in these spaces surfaced online. Now, amid a surge of anti-LGBTQ legislation, the organizers behind the campaign — including the owners of the gender-inclusive grooming salon Barba in New York and employees of the New York-based advertising agency Terri & Sandy — say businesses have been signing up at an accelerated pace over the last few weeks as a way to signal support for the transgender community. “People are looking for ways to show how they are allies,” said JP Gomez, co-founder of Strands for Trans and the creative director at Terri & Sandy. He said these businesses want to voice their opposition to the legislation, “to help those people out there and say, ‘Hey, you’re still safe in my chair.’”


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