ADDED ON: 10/30/2018

How Redefining Gender under Trump Could Affect Transgender People’s Health

10/28/2018 | ABC News

For Kellie Hooker, there’s a new sense of urgency to have a surgery that will make him feel more comfortable in his body. The accelerated timeline to transition came after Hooker heard reports that the Trump administration is mulling a narrower definition of gender under the law based on the genitals a person is born with. Hooker, who grew up in North Carolina and now lives in Las Vegas, said he moved to get closer to California, a state where he can undergo gender affirming surgery on his chest without facing discrimination. “I wasn’t going to get top surgery, but in light of all that’s happening, I’ve been flooded with dysphoria,” Hooker, who identifies as a trans man, told ABC News. “To take these huge steps back would make me feel no better than I felt as a child — tied down and controlled due to social constructs.”


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