ADDED ON: 10/23/2019

How PrEP is changing safe sex practices for India’s LGBTQ community

10/22/2019 | News Minute

The dating, hook-up and relationship-seeking culture in the LGBTQ community has always had its own secret set of codes that allowed its members to navigate this dicey domain in public, while remaining under the radar. These tell-tale signs have ranged from one’s sartorial choices to subtle glances in public and private spaces. Over time, these codes have become markers in the LGBTQ community and has aided in recognition of the other and of one’s own. It has also acted as a means of filtering the potential pool of partners. While before these categories might have been weight, height, complexion or the preference of sexual position (which have their own set of problems), in the recent past, “On PrEP” has quietly and quickly become the latest piece of important information to narrow the numbers.


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