ADDED ON: 11/15/2020

How LGBTQ people have been affected by COVID

11/14/2020 | Local London

The experiences of LGBTQ+ people of the Covid-19 pandemic vary immensely. Some have been forced to return to families who don’t accept them, where as others have even had to put their medical transitions on hold. However, others have found themselves being accepted in their homes after going through months of bonding with their families. Sorrowfully, many LGBTQ+ people have also viewed discrimination within the healthcare system during the COVID-19 outbreak. According to Stonewall, a LGBTQ+ charity, on average: Half of LGBTQ+ people said they’ve experienced depression. Nearly two-thirds of bi women and just over half of bi men have experienced anxiety. One in eight LGBTQ+ people have experienced some form of unequal treatment from healthcare staff because they’re LGBT+.


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