ADDED ON: 05/18/2019

How LGBT friendly is Ghana?

05/16/2019 | Yen Ghana

Ghana, like many other countries in Africa, has not yet entirely accepted the LGBT community into our society. While many groups are defending them, they still face discrimination and even violence from the people who are against them. For instance, here in Ghana, the LGBTQ persons continue to experience discrimination and violence, which is against human rights. Even so, the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) and the police have been in the frontline to protect them. The struggle between the LGBTQ persons and Ghanaian citizens has forced Sisters of the Heart and Alliance for Dynamics to intervene to negotiate for an effective plan. They plan to engage the government to create rules that facilitate the LGBTQ just like any other citizen. Read more: https://yen.com.gh/127682-how-lgbt-friendly-ghana.html#127682


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