ADDED ON: 07/31/2020

How Latino dads are using TikTok to connect with their children

07/30/2020 | Los Angeles Times

Wearing a sultry look on his face and a long, curly gray wig, Genaro Rangel pulled his fake hair out of a ponytail and whipped it dramatically over his shoulders. “¡Qué pasó!” exclaimed Rangel, a burly, mustachioed handyman, as he yanked off the wig in his Santa Ana dining room. “It’s me!” His daughter, Wendy, burst into giggles as she recorded a shaky cellphone video for TikTok while her dad did an off-tune impersonation of Mexican legend Marco Antonio Solis, aka “El Buki.” She would post it with the words, “I’m dead,” and the hashtag #mexicandadsbelike. TikTokker Enrique Iñiguez’s dad, José, epitomizes that shift. He has become a sensation among Latinos in the LGBTQ community. In his most viral videos, José identifies female celebrities like Ariana Grande and Salma Hayek and answers whether he thinks they’re pretty. The shock for many viewers came when Enrique showed him male makeup artists with full makeup and eyelashes. José answered without judgment.


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