ADDED ON: 09/17/2018

How Islamists Stigmatise Indonesia’s Transgender Waria

09/16/2018 | South China Morning Post

Indonesia’s LGBTI community could be forgiven for thinking their search for equality is going backwards. During the pre-Islamic, Hindu-Buddhist period of Indonesian history, waria (third gender people) were not only accepted – they were respected and revered. Now, they are more likely to be hounded out of town, as Yulianus Rettoblaut – better known as Mama Yuli – can attest. She runs a shelter in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta that has helped more than 4,500 transgender and gay people fleeing persecution and threats. “These people don’t have any legal protection, their parents reject them because they have become waria and the parents are embarrassed by them. The parents force their children into being sons, into being boys, because they are unhappy having a waria child,” she says.


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