ADDED ON: 09/17/2018

How Australia’s Justice Michael Kirby Helped India’s First Openly Gay Prince Combat Sex Ban

09/17/2018 | ABC

Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, 52, heir to the throne of Rajpipla in western Gujarat state, is India’s openly gay prince. He campaigned tirelessly — often at personal cost — to repeal Section 377, a 160-year-old British colonial law.  Prince Manvendra was instrumental in the initial Delhi High Court judgment of 2009, which decriminalized gay sex. But this was overturned in 2013 by the Supreme Court. “For those four short years, LGBTQI people experienced freedom in India,” he says. The prince realized he needed to ramp up his campaigning — and to inspire him to do that, he drew upon advice given to him by an Australian expert: Justice Michael Kirby. “His contribution towards the verdict in India helped LGBTQI people get our ultimate freedom,” the prince says.


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