ADDED ON: 08/30/2018

How Are Queer Musicians Subverting Religious Oppression? By Spinning It into Perfect Pop

08/30/2018 | The Independent

Anti-queer messages of hatred and disapproval, spread via religion, have inevitably shaped the way society – devout or not – sees the LGBTQ+ community. But animosity is often the greatest catalyst for queer people in art. You only have to look to pop music to find artists reckoning with religion just as flagrantly as they are with the LGBTQ+ experience. The most outward-facing members of pop’s queer community are using the hallmarks of religion to express their sexuality – as an act of defiance. Take, for example, doe-eyed, cherubic pop star du jour Troye Sivan. The lyrics on the 23-year-old’s latest record, Bloom, are peppered with references to religion and queerness, side by side.


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