ADDED ON: 03/20/2020

How a 27-year-old queer Indian brought drag to their city

03/19/2020 | Gay Star News

Patruni Sastry is a 27-year-old, gender-fluid drag performer from the south of India. And they have a surprising story to tell about bringing drag to the city of Hyderabad. They have been able to overcome initial nervousness and prejudice. And by doing so, they have played a key role in establishing a drag scene in a city of over 7million people. Most amazing of all, they have done it all in just one year. Moreover, their style of drag brings together centuries of Indian art with the best of the west. And it has created a new way to be an LGBT+ activist in India. Patruni told us their parents were their first allies. ‘I grew up in a middle-class Indian family. My dad was a teacher and mom was a housewife.


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