ADDED ON: 07/04/2018

Hong Kong’s Top Court Makes Landmark Ruling in LGBT Rights Case

07/04/2018 | Voice of America

In a historic decision that could lead to greater rights for Hong Kong’s LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community, the territory’s high court has ruled that the same-sex partner of a British expatriate should be granted a spousal visa. The Court of Final Appeal ruled Wednesday that the woman, identified in court papers only by the initials QT, should be issued a visa that would grant her resident status and allowed her to work in the Chinese-held territory, which maintains a high degree of autonomy, including an independent judiciary. QT and her partner entered into a same-sex civil partnership in Britain in 2011, but was only granted a visitor’s visa when the couple moved to Hong Kong later that year, which prevented QT from working.


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