ADDED ON: 05/08/2019

Hong Kong’s lesbian tycoon launches new bid for marriage equality

05/07/2019 | Gay Star News

Renowned Hong Kong businesswoman, Gigi Chao, is leading a new bid for marriage equality in the city. Chao, along with lawyer Azan Marwah and other activists, will officially launch the group Hong Kong Marriage Equality (HKME) next month. ‘Our aim is to reach out to the vast silent majority of people in Hong Kong’ Chao told Gay Star News. ‘To promote the understanding that love knows no boundaries’. ‘The freedom to marry means LGBT+ couples can celebrate their love, strengthen their family ties, and affirm their equality under the law’ Chao explained. Hong Kong does not recognize same-sex marriages. Chinese society puts a lot of emphasis on heterosexual families and there are no legal anti-discrimination protections. Many LGBTI citizens do not come out to their family and colleagues.


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