ADDED ON: 01/14/2021

Hong Kong workplaces lag behind rest of Asia in LGBT acceptance, study finds

01/14/2021 | Human Resources Online

Attention to workplace diversity and inclusion (D&I) has been on the rise in recent years. Among key areas of D&I, many are calling for advancing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) inclusion. But despite an increasing focus on LGBT equality in the workplace in Hong Kong, more multinational firms in Hong Kong had enacted LGBT-friendly workplace policies, a white paper by the Economist Intelligence Unit has shown that out of 52 respondents in Hong Kong, none of them agreed that their company has made “substantial progress” in LGBT diversity and inclusion over the last three years. Less than one in five respondents in Hong Kong would describe working with an openly LGBT manager, colleague or subordinate as “very comfortable”, the least confident among seven jurisdictions surveyed. Furthermore, only around 10% would feel very comfortable joining an LGBT support or allies’ network at work and joining a pro-LGBT rally or march outside work. Indian respondents show the highest levels of support for LGBT rights, with close to half of them agreeing that they would feel very comfortable doing the things mentioned above.


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