ADDED ON: 12/16/2020

Hong Kong trails other Asian countries in promoting LGBT diversity and inclusion in workplace, study suggests

12/26/2020 | Harbour Times

In a study reviewing the progress of LGBT equality in Asia, Hong Kong’s companies have a less LGBT-friendly environment compared to their counterparts in the region. A recent study published by The Economist Intelligence Unit (The EIU) suggests that, across multiple criteria such as employee’s attitude and company’s initiative, Hong Kong’s progress of LGBT equality in the workplace trails other countries in Asia. Pride and Prejudice: The next chapter of progress, the fifth issue under EIU’s Pride and Prejudice banner, is part of an annual series of surveys and research reports that explore LGBT rights and review Asia’s progress towards LGBT equality in the workplace. Respondents include white-collar workers from China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. Offices in Asia are less LGBT-friendly than those in the West, as 40 percent of respondents believe that being openly LGBT would be a hindrance to one’s career prospects, compared with 11 percent who say it would be an advantage. 60 percent of respondents also believe that their firm’s level of investment in LGBT diversity and inclusion should stay the same or be scaled back.


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