ADDED ON: 06/10/2020

Hong Kong LGBT charter in planning stages

06/09/2020 | The Standard

Plans to introduce a voluntary charter on discrimination against sexual minorities in Hong Kong are under way as officials look into existing policies adopted by neighboring governments. In a document sent to the Legislative Council, the constitutional and mainland affairs bureau said it has been drawing up a charter against sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination to be voluntarily adopted by businesses and organizations. “We will consider a suitable time to introduce the charter, having regard to the circumstances of various trades and industries after the pandemic,” the bureau said. “No discrimination, harassment or vilification of customers, buyers or tenants of premises, employees or students on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity would be allowed for those endorsing the charter.” The document also detailed findings of a study on anti-discrimination efforts made by 15 governments including the United States, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.


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