ADDED ON: 12/03/2018

Homosexuality is more than sex: time to look beyond the labels and prejudice

12/02/2018 | South China Morning Post

Stuart Heaver writes kindly of the stigma facing LGBT youth who are coming to terms with their sexuality (“ Ignorance, Chinese values, religious dogma: LGBT Hong Kong students’ plight ”, November 29). In a world that has become increasingly tolerant of diversity, there are still ingrained prejudices and those who refuse to accept, usually because of ignorance or religious fervour.  Homosexuality is more than sex! It is wholly inaccurate to assume that gay men sleep around more than straight men, although that is an accusation often made: being lustful isn’t a gay privilege. Nor does one’s sexuality define one’s identity: I am gay; I ski, play golf and squash; I abhor the colour pink. I have straight friends who tremble at the thought of skiing, love disco and adore pink! If being a butch lesbian is stereotypical, then perhaps my mother was a lesbian, for she certainly had a love of leather jackets and denim trousers.


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