ADDED ON: 01/22/2020

Homosexual and trans migrants ask for help from the LGBT community in Mexico

01/21/2020 | EN24

Central American homosexuals and trans who travel in the migrant caravan this Monday ask for the attention and help of the Mexican LGBT community because of the risk they face and the discrimination they suffer from both their travel companions and the immigration authorities. The caravan is made up of thousands of people – there are more than 2,500 people and the number does not stop growing – and dozens of them formed a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual group (LGBT) to make visible that they must escape from Central America because of the persecution they suffer because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. “We have been fleeing from our country of origin because we cannot live there as we are. As a person of LGBT community I can not live in my country. I have to leave because of lack of opportunities, because of discrimination, “says a trans girl who left Honduras with the caravan.


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