ADDED ON: 06/01/2021

Homophobic Nationalists Disrupt Bulgarian LGBT Events

05/31/2021 | Balkan Insight

A group of around 25 to 30 nationalists attempted to halt the screening in Sofia on Sunday evening of a film depicting a relationship between two women. The men appeared to be connected with the far-right Bulgarian National Union party and Lukovmarch, an annual event in commemoration of WWII general Hristo Lukov, often criticised for providing a forum for neo-Nazis to gather. Police were called and the film, ‘Eggshells’ by director Slava Doytcheva, was eventually screened at The Steps, a venue recently opened by the Single Step Foundation, which supports the local LGBT community. “Yes, this was another attack on an event hosted by the society, another attempt at a physical threat to make us to step back and cancel the screening. But the screening took place,” GLAS Foundation, the co-organisers of the event, said in a statement on Monday. “There’s a need for an appropriate reaction from law enforcement and those in power, who through their inaction have validated such incidents,” it added. The incident follows other disruptions of LGBT events this month, all possibly connected to far-right organisations.


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