ADDED ON: 09/11/2019

HIV/AIDS meeting: Reduce bias to reduce infection

09/10/2019 | News Day

In order to create greater inter-regional collaboration to end HIV/AIDS by 2030, people must set aside their biases, stigmas and phobias to create an inclusive environment that is free from discrimination. This was the view of Ian Ramdahin, acting permanent secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister and memeber of the National AIDS Co-ordinating Committee, at the second joint regional dialogue with the Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV/AIDS. “Please be cautioned that if we fail to unmask or decode the barriers because of our personal biases on human rights, the net result will be that we will fail to effectively strategise in adequately meeting the diverse needs of our vulnerable group within the landscape,” he said. This meeting brought together parliamentarians, faith leaders, civil society leaders, national AIDS programme managers, youth leaders, sex workers and members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) communities to discuss their respective communities’ issues with HIV/AIDS.


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