ADDED ON: 11/22/2018

Hiding in Fear: What is Life Like for LGBTI Indonesians?

11/20/2018 | Gay Star News

In the last few weeks, regional authorities in Indonesia have launched a slew of anti-LGBTI measures. Gay sex is not illegal in Indonesia. But, since early 2016, ‘government-driven moral panic’ over LGBTI Indonesians has engulfed the nation, according to rights groups. And it only seems to be getting worse in the run-up to elections in the Muslim-majority country next year. Depok in West Java this weekend said it it is preparing to issue a regulation to restrict LGBTI movement. It follows protests last week in Bogor demanding that the city ban all LGBTI people. Last month, Cianjur regency sent a memo to mosques in the region, requesting they conduct sermons warning of ‘The Dangers of LGBT, Sodomy, and Abuse’.


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