ADDED ON: 12/25/2020

Heroes of 2020: People Who Made a Difference

12/25/2020 | Balkan Insights

In Poland, it was not one man or woman but an entire movement of women that has been a force for the better this year. Formed this year, and the biggest protest movement in the country in decades, its main protagonists are tens of thousands of women across towns and villages all over Poland who have been protesting since October. That was when the Constitutional Tribunal – working at the behest of the governing Law and Justice PiS party – made abortion virtually illegal in the country, banning it in cases when the foetus is malformed or severely sick, which accounts for the vast majority of legal abortions in the country currently. The most prominent faces in the movement are the activist Marta Lempart and the journalist Klementyna Suchanow. Klementyna Suchanow, 46, is a writer and journalist in Warsaw, who came to prominence in recent years because of her own feminist activism. Her recent book, “This is war”, documents the global ultra-conservative network that has been pushing for tougher abortion and anti-LGBT legislation in Poland and elsewhere.


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