ADDED ON: 07/13/2020

Here’s Who Drives the Anti-LGBTQ Agenda in Poland Elections

07/12/2020 | Daily Beast

The final round of Poland’s presidential election held Sunday was dominated by incumbent President Andrzej Duda’s efforts to mobilize voters against the country’s LGBTQ people. It was a very ugly campaign, with the groundwork carefully laid. Hubert Sobecki, who has been an activist for LGBTQ rights in Poland for more than a decade, says, “I have never seen anything like the harassment of the past one and a half years.” In Poland, as in many countries, there also is a pronounced and often bitter divide between urban and rural voters, and it is in the smaller cities and towns that Duda has found the strongest support for his anti-LGBTQ message. The “pro-family” way, as it is pitched, is helped as well by his party’s popular program giving the equivalent of $125 a month to traditional families for each child under 18 years of age.


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