ADDED ON: 01/28/2021

He Compared Gay Marriage to Bestiality. Now He’s in Charge of His Country’s Schools.

01/27/2021 | VICE

Poland’s conservative ruling party is under fire for promoting an MP with a far-right background as the country’s new deputy minister for education. Tomasz Rzymkowski is known for homophobic statements, his campaigning against what he calls the “powerful Jewish lobby,” and for his efforts to repatriate the racist killer of a Black anti-apartheid leader. Critics say that his record of peddling divisive and harmful rhetoric makes him an “outrageous” choice to be deputy minister at the Ministry for Education and Science, a post he was appointed to last week. Some fear for the future of the country’s education system under his influence. “Rzymkowski represents a very dangerous mix of extreme, almost fascist, right with religious fundamentalism, that concentrates most of his public activity on turning people against Jews, foreigners, LGBT, women and the Left,” Paulina Matysiak, an MP for the left-wing Left Together party told VICE World News via email.


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