ADDED ON: 07/31/2019

Hate crimes rise to decade high in US with LGBT people among most targeted, finds report

07/31/2019 | Pink News

Hate crimes have risen across the USA to a decade high, with most extremist homicides carried out by white nationalists or those in the far right, according to a new report. The latest research found that hate crimes increased by nine percent to 2,009 cases in the 30 cities surveyed by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism (CSHE) at California State University San Bernardino, which released the report on Tuesday (July 30). It revealed that the surge in hate crimes marks the steepest rise since 2015 and the fifth increase in consecutive years. The publication showed that the most common hate crime victims reported to police in major cities in 2018 were LGBT+ people, Jews and black people. While the research found that extremist homicides “decreased markedly” in 2018 to 22, it said that the most frequent hate killings were carried out by white nationalists and those in the far right, with these murders increasing to 17 2018 up from 13 the year before.


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