ADDED ON: 05/01/2021

Hate crime crisis | Lucky Motshabi is 7th LGBTIQ+ person murdered

4/30/21 | Mamba Online

The LGBTIQ+ hate crime body count continues to rise with the murder of Lucky Motshabi in Limpopo. Yet, the government offers no plan of action. On Friday, OUT LGBT Well-being reported that the body of Lucky Kleinboy Motshabi was found in a field in the town of Dennilton on 24 April. He was naked with stab wounds on his body. A friend of Lucky’s said that his place of residence had been ransacked and that the keys were found in the door. According to activists, the 30-year-old Lucky identified as a gay man and was well known to his community. No arrests have been made. On Friday, a group of activists from organisations including Access Chapter 2 and Lasphumakhona Community Development Projects, met with the ward councillor and Lucky’s family in Dennilton to offer their support. The team also engaged with the SAPS team investigating the attack. Lucky’s murder is the seventh known LGBTIQ+ killing in just two and a half months; a wave of hate that has shocked and terrified South Africa’s LGBTIQ+ community. “It is safe to say that LGBTIQ+ murders have become a national crisis,” said Roché Kester, Hate Crimes Manager at OUT LGBT Well-being, in a statement. “There is a definite sense of fear and an overwhelming feeling that LGBTIQ+ communities are not safe in South Africa right now.”


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