ADDED ON: 07/29/2019

Halifax LGBTQ community turns hate crime into ‘act of love’

07/28/2019 | Truro Daily

Devin Moore, Tim Gottschall and Rouge Fatale took the homophobic words spray-painted in red on a Dartmouth apartment and raised it a rainbow. Rouge Fatale and Moore, wearing the pride flag as a cape, led hundreds of people carrying pride flags and dressed in rainbow attire through the streets of the Ocean Breeze neighbourhood Saturday afternoon. “It was such a good turnout and such a good time and all we did was stroll through the park and show some love,” Rouge Fatale said. The event, created by Rouge Fatale, was sparked after Moore and Gottschall’s apartment was vandalized with homophobic words on Thursday. The incident came near the end of Halifax’s Pride Festival, which this year runs from July 18 to 28. The drag queen comforted Moore as they kicked off the walk, telling him the Dartmouth couple “has the support of the community now and always.” “I feel appreciated by the community, especially Rouge for organizing this, and all the pride community. People have been wonderful,” Moore said.


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